Enlargement of raw material base

The aim was to develop the potential for energy production from biomass through identification of yet unexploited biomass resources and by showing ways of optimizing fuel characteristics.

Studies in Denmark have revealed that there may be a significant potential for energy production from yet unexploited agro-industrial biomass resources. Furthermore new sources like aquatic biomass (micro- and macroalgae) are gaining a lot of interest. EUBIONET III therefore  extracted knowledge from existing "traditional” biomass resource surveys, and added new data on alternative biomass resources, based on national surveys conducted in this project.

Some of the alternative biomass products found may need conditioning in one way or the other, before they can be used in energy production (e.g. drying, pelletizing etc.). So another important outcome was the recommendations for treatment and handling of the alternative biomasses.

Summary report of action:

Unexploited biomass sources, availability and combustion properties

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