Solutions to overcome biomass trade barriers

Photo: EssentEUBIONET III made an analysis of bioenergy trends and reasons for change in different countries. EUBIONET III partners provided an overview of solutions to specific barriers impeding the development of international biomass trade, but also reported opportunities for further biomass trade development.

Special attention was paid to such industrial sectors, which so far have not been so much involved in bioenergy projects. These sectors were identified during the project.

Three expert group meetings were organized to discuss about the most important current market barriers, and to formulate strategies and solutions to overcome barriers.

Currently large amounts of potential raw material for biomass fuels are traded without knowledge of the bioenergy sector due to an immature trade statistics reporting system. Development of a comprehensive and detailed Combined Nomenclature for raw materials of biomass fuels would facilitate a more transparent biomass fuel market securing that traded types and amounts of raw material could be identified purchased for bioenergy purposes. This work was carried out in cooperation with EUROSTAT and national statistics organisations.

Summary reports of actions:

Solutions to overcome barriers in bioenergy markets in Europe

Prospects of bioenergy in new industrial sectors

Combined Nomenclatures (CN codes) for biomass fuels

More information:

Martin Junginger, Utrecht University (email: h.m.junginger(at) )




Photo: Essent