European Commission - Energy

European Commission

Intelligent Energy Programme

APX-ENDEX - Fuel Prices

BEE Biomass Energy Europe - Biomass resource assessments

BIOCLUS Clustering R&D on sustainable use of biomass 

Biomass database - BIODAT

Bioregions project

EU - Bioenergy Noe - High expertise virtual research network

EU - Co-Generation in Asia

EU - European Pellet Centre

EU - ManagEnergy Internet Broadcasts

European Biomass Associations - AEBIOM

European Biomass Industry Association - EUBIA

European Pellet Centre & PELLETS@LAS

European Pellet Council 

European Pellet Quality Certification-PellCert 

IEA Bioenergy - An international collaboration in bioenergy

IEA - International Energy Agency - Agence Internationale de l'Energie

IEA Task40 - Biomass trade

MixBioPells project

OPET Combined Heat and Power & District Heating

OPET - Organsations for the promotion of energy technologies

OPET RES-e - EU technology network for green electricity technologies

Phydades -Standardization of analysis methods for biomass and ash

QualityWood - Firewood in Europe

Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology Platform - RTH-ETP

The Biomass Pyrolysis Network- PyNe & GasNet

The European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources - EUFORES

VIEWLS - Potential of biofuels for the EU

Wood Heat Solution project

World Energy Council